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Staff in any organisation, large or small, are motivated when three elements are present.  When they believe the work that they do is worthwhile, when they’re in control of achieving their own goals and when they’re recognised or appreciated for their efforts. 

46% of people leave jobs because they feel unappreciated.  People generally don’t leave companies; they leave managers.  By having a Coach in a work situation, the lid is taken off the pressure cooker, staff can discuss issues as they arise.  Through working with staff and with the management team, strategies can be put in place that fit the organisation and achieve the goals that management and  staff wish to achieve for that business. 

Having personal values in line with company values is a great base for a successful outcome.

By consulting with management or owners of a business, "Follow Your Bliss" is able to identify how productivity, happiness and success in the workplace could be enhanced with Coaching or additional training.

Principal Coach, Consultant and Workshop Facilitator with "Follow Your Bliss", Larrie Winzar, is able to determine the best course of action for individual staff members.  By using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® staff members are able to have clearer self awareness and motivation. Adaptations and suggestions for increased enjoyment and increased productivity can be incorporated.  On some occasions, this may result in the position being “revamped” or changed considerably to suit the skills of the holder of that role.  Alternatively, it could mean people moving within the organisation or managed out of the organisation where their skills, knowledge, values, interests and personality could be better engaged. 

Workplace coaching and consulting incorporates recruitment, team building, outplacement, leadership training; any areas where an independent, and objective, perspective will gain clarity for the leadership team.


What is workplace coaching?

Coaching is about building on potential.  Coaching is about having a vision for how you want things to be.  Coaching is about working out what you want and then systematically achieving that through creating new goals.  Coaching is asking questions rather than telling.  Coaching is a conversation with a purpose resulting in the staff member setting goals to develop skills, enhance performance and/or develop personally and professionally.  Coaching looks to the future.  Coaching embraces change and allows individuals to grow through it.  Coaching facilitates a shift in attitude and perspective and enhances emotional intelligence.  Coaching can become a positive culture in an organisation – “simply the way we do things around here”.

What coaching isn’t

Coaching isn’t counselling or training.  Coaching doesn’t focus on problems.  Coaching is a perk, not a punishment!  Coaching isn’t supervision with a different name.  Coaching isn’t telling someone what to do or how to do it.

Individuals within the organisation and the organisation itself benefit from workplace coaching.  High achievers, low performers, front-line staff, talented staff, management, team leaders, technical staff, creative staff.  Coaching allows people to shine!

Why workplace coaching works

Workplace Coaching works because there is consistency and commitment to continuous personal and professional growth based on mutual respect and trust between coach and coachee.  Outcomes are measurable; Goals are reached; New goals set; Change embraced; Productivity rises; Self confidence improves; Communication enhanced; Staff are happier and more satisfied and they appreciate the investment made in them.

Tools in coaching with Follow Your Bliss

The "Follow Your Bliss"  toolbox is extremely varied within the coaching model and draws on many years of highly successful communication strategies and also incorporates Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

Principal Coach & Consultant, Larrie Winzar is a member of the International Coach Federation and has trained through Erickson College - The Art and Science of Coaching.

What difference does coaching make in the workplace?

Better communication, greater co-operation, increased self-awareness, less conflict, overall improvement in performance, reduced turnover of staff.




“I am now more productive, less stressed and fit more in without effort still having time for me"  - 47 year old professional


“I would highly recommend this “blissful” experience to anyone seeking to realize their full potential.”  - 27 year old professional


“Thank you for opening my mind again and making me think”   - 25 year old professional


“I feel good about me again.”   - 22 year old professional





People perform at their best when contributing their talents to something they believe in.





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