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What is Women’s Personal Coaching?

“Follow Your Bliss” Women’s Personal Coaching -  individual coaching sessions to get clarity on what you really want in any area of your life and then setting and achieving goals, one at a time, to make the dream or plan a reality.  

Whilst you may choose to work on only one area, you will discover benefits in every area of your life with the “ripple effect” that coaching creates.  Think of coaching as a “total makeover” of your life.   You will have increased authentic confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin just for starters!

Is there a typical woman who benefits from Women’s Personal Coaching?

Any woman of any age who is feeling “stuck” in any area of her life will benefit.   Being “stuck” can feel like walking in treacle – getting nowhere fast!    

There may not necessarily be anything  particularly wrong but you may find yourself saying things like:  “there must be something more to life than this” or “if only I could stop procrastinating” or “if only I had more confidence” or “I wish I was in work that actually made a difference”.

You might also find yourself saying, feeling, wondering or thinking things like: “Who am I really?”   “What is the purpose of my life?” “How can I get some balance in my life?”   “By the time everyone has a little bit of me, there doesn’t seem to be anything left.”  “What am I going to do when I retire?”   “What am I going to do when the kids leave home?”  “I used to be creative but I’m not now.”   “Whatever happened to those dreams I had?”   etc. etc. etc.

Coaching gets you “unstuck” and moving forward.  Coaching puts you in the drivers seat of your life to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Coaching is inspiring, empowering and encouraging.      

 How many sessions would I need?

That’s the beauty of “Follow Your Bliss” Women’s Personal Coaching.  There are no rules.  You are in charge.  You may find that you get the perfect blend of inspiration and strategies in only two or three sessions.  If you are embarking on big changes, you may find that you want coaching for longer to empower you and also encourage accountability.  The choice is always yours.  There are no contracts – payment is per session.

Who would be my Coach?

Larrie Winzar would be your Coach at “Follow Your Bliss” Women’s Personal Coaching.  You can read extensively about Larrie’s work and life elsewhere on this website however, in a nutshell, Larrie is an intuitive, creative, intelligent, warm, professional woman in her late 50’s.  She trained as a coach several years ago and has worked in the career and personal development field for more than 20 years.  She has been self-employed for 20 years and designed her beautiful home and consulting room in central Bendigo as a sanctuary for herself and her family as well as  a beautiful, reflective space for clients.

Hundreds of women have been coached by Larrie,  in all areas of their lives.  You don’t even need to know the area that you want to work on. That will be worked out early in the first session.  Simply knowing that you’re ready to live a happier life is enough.  After only one session, you’ll feel a shift.

Larrie is particularly passionate about working with women. Traditionally, women are the carers, nurturers, gatherers and givers. They also require time and space for themselves to discover their dreams and to realise their own potential.  By looking after themselves, they can continue effectively in the myriad of roles they choose.  This is the passion behind women’s personal coaching – for women to realise their own potential and to live their best lives.

Women realise very quickly that Larrie’s passion goes far beyond making a living.  In her private and community life, Larrie’s focus is also on women’s personal development with her initiation of the Rotary Club of Bendigo’s Starthrower Project, her financial contribution to Opportunity International which supports providing microcredit for women in developing countries to start their own businesses and through her voluntary inspirational speaking engagements to community groups.

Inspiration, empowerment and encouragement through information, knowledge and wisdom.  That’s the passion of “Follow Your Bliss”   Women’s Personal Coaching.

Women's Workshops

Larrie conducts regular workshops on Women & Confidence.  These unique, small group, relaxed full-day workshop will enhance your confidence, empowering you to be happy & successful in life and work.  Click here to read more...



A Masterful Coach…..


1.              …..is an expert in the coaching process and effective with a wide range of people

2.            …..is confident in delivering her service

3.             …..focuses on clients and their agenda and embodies the principle - "It's all about them."

4.            …..holds a supportive, safe coaching space for her clients

5.             …..listens between the lines to what her clients are saying

6.            …..engages her intuition in her coaching

7.            …..knows how to “be” without the need to “do” anything

8.            …..uses her coaching skills as an artist uses her paint brush and paints: an appropriate mix, applied artfully, to co-create a beautiful piece of art - the coaching interaction and its results

9.            …..is not afraid to "tell it like it is"

10.         …..sees both the immediate and the larger perspectives

11.           …..knows how to balance work and play

12.         …..never stops learning, growing and engaging in ongoing self development




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