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With 23 years experience in Recruitment, Larrie Winzar, Principal Coach & Consultant, has a wealth of experience and wisdom to bring to Recruitment.  Matching the ideal candidate with the ideal job is a complete process involving  matching skills, values, experience, knowledge and personality to ensure that the candidate is a good 'fit' into the organisational culture.  There's reference checking, personality profiling and the intuitive ability to identify the candidate with the x-factor - the perfect candidate for your role.

Depending on the requirements of the employer, "Follow Your Bliss" incorporates a number of strategies in the recruitment process including – phone interviews, shortlisting interviews and  behavioural interviews.

Employers pay only for the time it takes to find the right candidate – there is no ‘loading’ at the end of the assignment.  This is a fair, ‘user pays’ system compared with a ‘one size fits all’ or salary based fee when the reality is that some recruitment assignments take hours whilst others take weeks to come to fruition.

Employers can engage "Follow Your Bliss" to handle any or all aspects of a placement.  You may only need assistance with shortlisting, for example, or may welcome Larrie's wealth of experience on an interview panel.





“I want to say thank you so very much for your help and opinions throughout the whole (recruitment) process.  You are such a good judge of character.” - HR Manager – agricultural sector












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