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professional & personal development workshops

"Follow Your Bliss" conducts workshops either in-house or in appropriate venues on the following subjects:

  • Developing Successful Teams

  • Bliss Workshops

  • Women & Confidence

  • Men & Confidence

  • Life Balance

  • Communication

  • Working in Retirement

Workshops currently being conducted include:





   women’s coaching workshops




A series of six empowering coaching workshops for women.   Choose to attend one or any number of the workshops that interest you.  The workshops are limited to only 8 participants. Apart from Workshop 6, all workshops have content relevant to workplace professional development as well as personal development.



 Why “around the kitchen table”?


The kitchen table was traditionally the place where families gathered at mealtimes and where problems and issues were discussed and resolved.  It was also the place where dreams and ideas were encouraged. 

In 2012, the creative design and ambience of 106 King Street Bendigo, its beautiful antique French oak table and delicious morning tea creates the perfect environment for women of all ages and stages of life to experience inspiration, empowerment and encouragement on their life journey




Larrie Winzar has been facilitating personal & professional development workshops for more than 20 years.   Because the groups in this series are small, women attending will have the benefit of Larrie’s experience as both a coach and workshop facilitator; hence a ‘coaching workshop’.  Larrie is one of Australia’s most experienced career/life coaches and also one of the most appropriately qualified.



 Why Friday morning?


The coaching workshops will be held from 9.00 until 12.30. Coffee and introductions at 9.00 with the serious business of the workshops beginning at 9.30.  Three hours of talking, planning, thinking, feeling, sharing, writing, listening, creating, reflecting, laughing and learning!     


Having a workshop on a Friday morning allows time over the weekend for reflection and the opportunity

to act on what has been learnt.





Each workshop costs only $120. Any participant who chooses to do

all 6 workshops will receive one workshop FREE!  
All workshop resources and refreshments are included – simply bring

yourself for a wonderful experience.




Friday October 5      Workshop 1 – Understanding and celebrating your personality     

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), you’ll enjoy a fantastic morning discovering the secrets to your personality type and how you can thrive in your career, business, family or community life with this popular and internationally recognised personality profile tool.  The MBTI® assists with communication, confidence, conflict resolution, relationships, relaxation, stress management, leadership -  personal & professional development at all levels.  Larrie has used the MBTI® with more than 3000 clients.   The comment she hears most?  “I wish I’d known this about myself years ago”. This would normally cost $165 for an individual consultation.  Suitable for all women at every age and stage of life.




Comments from the above recent workshop:

“An enjoyable and inspiring workshop that’s helped me be me.  Many thanks.”    H

“The beginning of a journey – amazing insight into why I do things the way I do and feel how I feel.  Lovely supportive, interactive environment. Thanks.” F

“The content and delivery just brilliant Larrie. Greatly appreciated”  L


Friday October 12     Workshop 2 – Developing your wellbeing & happiness

Happiness and wellbeing are a personal choice but it certainly helps to have tools and strategies available to support that choice.  It’s not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens to us that affects our happiness.  At this coaching workshop, you’ll learn the strategies and receive the tools necessary to become happier with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.   Age and stage of life are irrelevant.  This workshop is for every woman.




Comments from above recent workshop:

“Larrie certainly knows how to guide those who question themselves to a path of enlightenment”

“What a meaningful, thought-provoking morning to use on my way forward and valuing what I have. Thank you Larrie”   S

 “Thank you Larrie – Life is worth living, all things are possible, remember there is no-one like you, inspirational thoughts are infectious, everything is possible – just take one step forward”  A


Friday October 19   Workshop 3 – Learning to be authentically confident

If there was one gift Larrie would love to give to everyone, it would be the gift of confidence.  At this coaching workshop, you will learn strategies that you can use immediately to become more comfortable in your skin; more confident in handling all situations you encounter.  This coaching workshop is suitable for women or all ages and stages in their life.



Friday November 2     Workshop 4 – Choosing meaning & purpose in your work

Larrie has coached thousands of people to discover their perfect work.  This workshop will give you the opportunity to discover a clear work direction for yourself that will enable you to be happy and successful in your work.  Perhaps you are looking to change your job, your career or considering starting a business.   Perhaps you’d like a new career for retirement.   You will gain valuable skills, knowledge and wisdom.    Suitable for women of all ages and stages of life who want their work to have purpose and meaning.


Friday November 9      Workshop 5 – Planning  your next ten years

What age will you be in 10 years?   What age will your family and friends be?   This coaching workshop helps you to plan for the next 10 years to be the best ten years of your life.   It doesn’t matter if you will be 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 in ten years.    You will thoroughly enjoy the positivity in this workshop as you plan your next ten years.


Friday November 16      Workshop 6 – Creating a sanctuary          NEW Workshop

Whether you’d like ideas to make your living space a reflection of who you are or whether you’d like to create a space within your home that is yours alone, this workshop will involve creative ideas and strategies.   Just as every man wants a shed, so every woman wants, and needs, a room of her own to really flourish.



To register, please download and complete the Registration Form and email it to larrie@followyourbliss.com.au or post to Follow your Bliss  P.O. Box 116 Strathdale 3550.     Larrie will then contact you about payment options. 

An invoice/receipt will be forwarded to you.  A full refund will be paid if workshop does not go ahead for any reason.

All bookings will be acknowledged by phone or email.





Comments from recent Women & Confidence workshops:

“Larrie certainly knows how to guide those who question themselves to a path of enlightenment”

“Very inspiring”

“Amazing – a real eye opening experience”

“Today has changed the way I look at life, love and others”

“A great day to sit and think all about me and what I’m about; thanks for the wonderful experience”

“Great  strategies/tools/exercises; wish it went for the weekend!”

“Your confidence workshop was a gift to myself”

“Wow, what an amazing emotional uplift”

“Today’s workshop has provided me with knowledge and power to build my brick road to confidence”



Comments from recent Bliss workshops:

“A rewarding experience; insightful, enjoyable and uplifting in a secure and friendly environment.”

 “I am going home totally inspired and motivated”

 “Loved the day. I’ll take away much to contemplate and act on”

 “I had no expectations of the day but I am walking away with so much – so many things, tools to use and ideas, thoughts to implement.”

 “Larrie is an energetic and enthusiastic natural woman, full of empowering advice and generous sentiments.”





Because of the work related content of these workshops, including communication, confidence, stress management, balance, time & energy management, motivation and goal setting, the workshops can easily be adapted to use in a workplace context.  


Employers considering individual professional development opportunities for staff can also be confident that the content relates to work situations.  Please email larrie@followyourbliss.com.au to discuss options for you, your staff, business or organisation.






By thinking in a different way, you will act in a different way and get different outcomes.


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