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Outplacement assists a departing employee when a position becomes redundant.  It is in the company’s best interests to handle the departure of an employee in a respectful and proactive way. 

Through working with "Follow Your Bliss", clients are able to talk in a confidential environment about the issues leading to the position becoming redundant and, through proactive career counselling and coaching, are able to move forward ensuring that moving from one organisation to another is not a disaster, but an opportunity. 

Clients work with one person only, build rapport and continue to work with that person until a new position is found or the client is confident in their ability to secure a new role.  Through coaching, many people view this time as an opportunity for growth. 

 The benefits to the individual are:

  • maintaining self respect, dignity and self confidence

  • opportunity to look to a new career direction

  • increased self awareness

  • having a sounding board and highly experienced career professional available throughout the process

  • linking in with organisations through knowledge and access to the ‘hidden’ job market

  • proactive marketing

 The benefits to the employer are:

  • a career professional on hand to assist

  • respect of retained workers to the process of redundancy

  • knowing that retrenched staff are in good hands





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