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interview strategies

Styles of interviews vary considerably,

  • a "fireside chat”

  • a group interview

  • a formal 'across the table' interview,

  • 'round the coffee table' interview with a number of people

  • a behavioural interview. 

Some interviews are extended beyond the normal discussion to perhaps going out for a meal, or having a 'trial period' or a 'meet the team' interview. 

With 23 years experience in Recruitment, there is no part of the interviewing process with which "Follow Your Bliss" is unfamiliar.  You're in great hands. 

For Individuals

A package approach can be arranged.  A personalised professional resume and an interview strategies session to understand the dynamics of an interview, increase confidence and to learn interview strategies for success including how to answer some of the 'tricky' questions that relate to a person's individual circumstances. 

Like the workplace, interviewing techniques change and, for the uninitiated, and those who don’t stay in touch with those trends, it can be a daunting experience. 

Working with "Follow Your Bliss" alleviates that stress enabling candidates to perform their best at interview.  The Resume gets you the interview; the interview gets you the position. 

By investing in yourself, you're investing in your future.

For Employers

"Follow Your Bliss" can also assist employers with their interviewing - from arranging interview questions, learning about body language, room layouts, offering the position, what you're legally allowed and not allowed to ask, reference checking, negotiating salary and monthly/quarterly/annual reviews.  'Follow Your Bliss' can also provide employers with some thought provoking, insightful questions to ask candidates at interview.  With her vast experience, professionalism, warmth and intuition, Larrie Winzar is a great asset to have on your interview panel too!





“Great news, I did get the job.  Thank you very much for your help (application and tips and Emergency Essence)  The interview was not as daunting as I thought, and I actually felt controlled and confident during the whole event.”

- 50 year old male manager


"The interview yesterday was brilliant! Even if I am unsuccessful I have definitely overcome my fear of interviews. Thanks to the strategy you helped me with, I was able to capture the confidence I felt in another situation and relate it to my interview yesterday. I felt so empowered in the interview that every piece of information I had just flowed like I was a professional (finally!) and I was able to give them the impression that I knew what I was talking about and was very confident in my ability." - 27 year old female engineer


“I was going to send you an SMS but thought the news warranted more explanation than a Nokia screen full of abbreviated words. I was successful!.  Finally I have achieved what I thought I could but simply couldn’t!    You showed me how to harness a moment in my life when I felt the most confident and adapt it to a situation that I wasn’t very confident.  It worked unbelievably well and now I have that skill.” - 35 year old female administrator





A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in-between does what he wants to do.

- Bob Dylan



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