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Teams are motivated when they believe that what they are doing is worthwhile, when individuals within the team are in control of achieving their goals, and when they’re all appreciated and/or acknowledged for their contribution. 

Teams are also much more successful when they understand each individual’s personality, have a common purpose and understand each person's motivation for doing the job. 

Through working with clients one-on-one and through workshops with the whole team (which can result in a Vision Statement and supporting Values for that team, and a set of goals for them to achieve) the team works more closely together, improves their relationships with each other, identifies personal and workplace values and improves productivity. 

Communication, or lack of it, can cause a huge number of problems including conflict within teams.  "Follow Your Bliss" has extensive experience in communication, confidence and conflict resolution strategies to positively shape work teams. 

We don’t simply work on the 'what', but on the 'how'.  Individuals are unique.  We can’t motivate others, we have to show them how to motivate themselves and thus be a contributing team member leading to a dynamic, communicative team. 


Principal Coach & Consultant, Larrie Winzar, is happy to travel to your organisation whether central city, regional centre or town, to work with your team.  Having been in business in the recruiting/team development/coaching fields for 23 years, you can certainly be assured of Larrie’s commitment to excellence and ongoing support.






"Thank you very much for facilitating our Myers Briggs Training and subsequent Workshop relating to redesigning our Role Statements.

The day went very well especially in light of the personalities and the corresponding attitudes that we have here. You certainly kept the day moving and it was beneficial to us all.

The workshop booklet was excellent, the quality was fit for purpose, not too elaborate (i.e. expensive) whilst still being very well laid out and with appropriate content.

I got very positive feedback from the whole team and am very confident that the enhancements to our Role Statements and better understanding of our types and behaviours will contribute to improved performance of our team."

- Senior Manager


“You have made an amazing difference to our team”   - Senior Manager of large corporation


“Thank you so much for the training day with my team. It was really appreciated. You were awesome.” - 32 year old team supervisor in environment sector


“I had some very good feedback from your session last week (which is no surprise!) Thanks Larrie for another excellent session”. - HR Manager




Great change does not require great force……just consistency of repeated right choices accumulated over time.





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