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"Follow Your Bliss" welcomes clients for career coaching and/or life coaching to be coached in person or by distance.

In Person

Consultations are held in Bendigo or other towns in Central Victoria.  Fees are paid at the completion of each session.

By Distance

Consultations are held by phone or e-mail and fees are paid by cheque or direct credit.

Career Coaching

At the outset, let’s determine the difference between coaching and counselling.  Counselling assumes a problem; coaching assumes an outcome.  In discovering our perfect work, it is sometimes necessary to come from both angles.  People want career counselling and coaching because they feel 'stuck'.  Perhaps they’re unhappy in their work or perhaps they’re wanting to make a difference.  With work being such a huge part of your life, it is now recognised how important it is to love what you do.  Through a four hour process – either four 1 hour sessions, or two 2 hour sessions, we work individually with clients to discover the work where the client’s skills, knowledge, values, interests and personality come together.  This process is achieved through discussions, exercises at the coaching sessions and between consultations, through a personality profile and referrals to people who are in the field of the chosen work.

By changing people’s perceptions and approach to the way work should be, to what we want it to be, whole new horizons open up.  Changing careers is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful, depending on the reason for the change.  Sometimes change has been forced upon the individual, through health issues or redundancy.  Sometimes they’ve recognised that they’ll never be happy in the work that they’re doing.  “Follow Your Bliss” has a client base ranging in ages from 16 to 66.  Some people know where they want to go, but don’t know how to get there.  Others don’t know where they want to go, and know that it's not where they are and, of course, anything in-between.

This inspiring process results in (1) enhanced self awareness, (2) clarity about life purpose (3) setting clear career goals and (4) increased ability to manage their own career. 

Career self management is a survival tool in today’s workplace.  It is not an optional extra.  Overall betterment of the client’s quality of life is a by-product of addressing those other four issues.  Enjoying your work has a positive impact on health, relationships, confidence - your overall happiness.

In working with "Follow Your Bliss", you have the opportunity to explore career options and directions in a beautiful, creative, relaxed environment with plentiful natural light and gentle music whilst enjoying a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee.




“Before seeing you, I had absolutely no idea what career I wanted…..thanks again for coaching me to find my direction.”  - 17 year old student


“It has been nearly ten months since I first decided to follow my bliss…....        

I finally have a new career path and direction in life thanks to Follow Your Bliss”  - 30 year old professional embarking on self employment.


“Thank you for coaching me through my decision to change jobs.  It was really good to understand and articulate my work and life values.  Your coaching and gentle direction also helped me realise my skills and strengths and this gave me confidence in preparing my application, responding to questions in the interview and negotiating at the job offer stage.” - "40 something" professional


“If I needed any more confirmation that I was on the right career track then this was it.  I’ve just been nominated for an industry award.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.” - "30 something" creative professional




Life Coaching

Personal, professional coaching results in increased self confidence, increased self awareness and increased ability to reach goals.  Larrie Winzar, Principal Coach & Consultant has been coaching individuals for many years and has the 'runs on the board' in relation to personal and professional coaching outcomes. 

The client is always in charge.  We facilitate the client setting goals and outcomes that reflect their dreams and which will reflect the ongoing purpose for their lives.  Life coaching can be either in person, e-mail or by phone.  After each session, clients set tasks or projects to complete by the next session.  By taking one small step at a time, larger goals are reached; dreams fulfilled. 

Personal and professional coaching can be for a particular area of life or on a range of areas.  In a workplace, the issue could be:

  • confidence

  • productivity

  • time & energy management

  • leadership

  • conflict

  • communication

  • life balance

On a personal basis, examples are

  • confidence

  • happiness

  • success

  • life balance

  • financial

  • health & vitality

  • self development

  • communication




“Now that I am “unstuck”, it is amazing how I was able to operate in “stuck” mode.  The shift through coaching has opened the freedom to allow me to achieve my bliss which is a balanced life style."  - 41 year old mum & student


“For forty-two years, I have lived a life I thought was nothing special.  Two years in Year 9 – teachers who gave up and pushed me aside.  So called friends who told me what I could not do when they did not even know if I could or not.     Success has never been strong with me even though it has been staring me in the face for years.  Since meeting you I have opened myself up to more opportunities than I ever would have.  Meeting you has been a breath of fresh air. I am now a go getter – not a wait and see person.  I CAN; I WILL”  - 42 year old male in manufacturing sector.


“Larrie, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your assistance. I will never forget your encouragement, support and unfailing desire to see me do well and be happy.” - "50 something" life coaching client


“I now feel empowered to live to my potential and to follow new and exciting paths.” - 43 year old life coaching client


“It’s been well over a year since I came in to see you and I just wanted to say hello and let you know how peachey life is now.  You helped me greatly by giving me the tools that gave me the confidence to make my life what I would like it to be and to keep making it better and better.” - "30 something" creative client


“Thank you so much Larrie, I know I would not be where I am now without your inspiration and encouragement” - early 50’s life coaching client






A job is for money; a career for advancement and a vocation is an expression of life purpose.


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