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Thousands and thousands of Baby Boomers – people born between 1946 and 1964 - are retiring and they’re retiring differently to any previous generation.

Baby Boomers are embracing “protirement” – winding down without stopping.  We're now living a third of our life after "retiring".

Coaching with "Follow Your Bliss" allows Baby Boomers to discover the way they really want to live at this stage of their lives.

Baby Boomers are discovering there’s more to retirement than having enough money.   Many are discovering their perfect work – after they’ve retired!   Others are challenging themselves with new businesses – full and part-time or new creative endeavours.

Many are combining income generation with volunteering, life long learning, creativity and recreation.  It's different for everyone because everyone's different.

Coaching gives clarity and purpose in this important phase of life.

Discover fulfillment and fun, whilst making a positive difference,  through "Follow Your Bliss" baby boomer coaching.












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