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Myers Briggs Type Indicator® - the team builder

'Follow Your Bliss' uses Myers Briggs Type Indicator® for a variety of applications, including career coaching, life coaching, leadership coaching, team building & motivation and relationship building.

Developed more than 50 years ago, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® is one of the world's most successful tools relating to personality.  There are 16 personality profiles, each unique; each perfect - there are no "better" or "worse" personalities.

By identifying the source of your energy, how you gather information, how you make decisions and the lifestyle you prefer, clients are able to see themselves with new eyes.

Individually, a Myers Briggs Type Indicator® consultation takes only one hour and has the power to change your life.  Self awareness and knowledge promotes self confidence and enhances productivity.


MBTI® - the team builder


Developing a Successful, Empowered, Harmonious, Happy, Motivated Team


Imagine being able to understand your team members and for them to be able to understand you and each other.   Being a team is a lot different to simply turning up at the same place together each day.   Creating a team that works well together takes time, understanding and effort.

‘Follow Your Bliss’ has been working with the Myers Briggs Type Indictor (MBTI®) for seven years including over 3000 individuals and many teams with great results.  The MBTI® has a proven track record having been in use for more than 50 years. It is still one of the most highly respected personality profiles in the world today.

The MBTI® is non-threatening because the outcome has nothing to do with age, gender, culture, intelligence, education, etc. and in completing the MBTI®, there can be no successes or failures.  No “type” is better or worse than another – we just are!

The MBTI® measures whether your preference is to get your energy internally or from the world around you, whether you prefer to gather information through your senses or through your imagination, whether you prefer to make decisions based on logic or values and whether you prefer a lifestyle that’s structured or more spontaneous.    

Through 93 questions, which take approximately 40 minutes to complete, and then a consultation of approximately one hour per individual, together we confirm which of the 16 type preferences fits each individual.

When we know our individual “type preferences” and also the preferences of our team mates, gained through an inspiring workshop filled with information, activities and learnings, many aspects of working together are enhanced including style of working, communication, team contribution, confidence, conflict resolution, personal and professional development.

That last point is particularly relevant.   Because each person has a one-on-one coaching session with Larrie Winzar on the MBTI® as it relates to them, prior to the team development workshop, they gain a fantastic personal development tool for use in every area of their life as well as work – family, relationships, community, sport etc. – and the MBTI® has strategies for stress management and time management too!

 So the benefits are professional AND personal development and a team enhanced by self knowledge.   From our experience, everyone enjoys the process and just learning together in the team workshop has a positive effect which leads to more harmony, energy, positivity, motivation and therefore better businesses and organisations.


Principal Coach & Consultant, Larrie Winzar, is happy to travel to your organisation whether in a central city, regional centre or town, working with your business or organisation with the MBTI®.  Having been in business in the recruiting/staff development/coaching fields for 23 years, you can certainly be assured of Larrie’s commitment to excellence and ongoing support.


As well as the MBTI® Larrie Winzar also has numerous other strategies and programs in her professional “tool-box” to further enhance the success of your team.  Her experience, training, skills, knowledge, professionalism, intuition, integrity and wisdom, together with her warm, energising and inspiring personal style, ensures you’ll be delighted with the outcome for your team.

Team development involves:

  • A meeting with staff to explain the process

  • Distribution of MBTI® Forms

  • Individual one hour MBTI® session for each team player

  • 3 hour workshop

  • Workshop booklet

  • MBTI® resource materials


Please email larrie@followyourbliss.com.au to discuss your specific team requirements, professional fees and travel/accommodation arrangements.






Just had to write and tell you how good I feel after doing the Myers-Briggs questionnaire and how I know now, it will help me get on and make the right choices for me, for the rest of my life.  I believe this information is the key to being able to finally choose the way my life will go.”


“I’ve just accepted a role in a not-for-profit organisation. I wanted to let you know your advice has been very valuable and helped me to understand I needed to take my time job searching so I would target the jobs which were right for my personality type.” - "40 something" professional


“Now I am quite invigorated and greet each day with enthusiasm.  Yes, the Myers Briggs assessment was pretty spot on, like a pea in a pod. I’m getting good reports from senior management and wanted to give you some feedback because your assistance helps to stimulate the fire in the belly – I just cannot believe how well it is all going.” - "50 something" scientist






Whether intentionally or unconsciously, what most occupies your mind tends to turn into behaviour and reality.



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