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Based in Bendigo, Central Victoria, Australia, “Follow Your Bliss” was founded in December 2000 by Ms Larrie Winzar.  With Larrie’s background of 23 years in Career Development within a working life spanning 43 years, she is well equipped to understand the challenges faced by people at various crossroads of their career and life.  These crossroads can take place at any age and at any stage of life. 

With the world of work changing at such a rapid rate, Larrie recognised that people needed guidance throughout their career and particularly at a time when considering change.  The average time in a job is now 2.5 years and with young people leaving school today with an expectation of 6 or 7 distinct career changes, as opposed to job changes, it’s important to have practical guidance throughout life.  Larrie has coached more than 3000 individuals to discover their perfect work.

Many people had fallen into their career paths; they weren’t chosen.  At "Follow Your Bliss", we believe that when you’re doing your perfect work, your skills, knowledge, values, interests and personality are all be taken into account, that you wear no masks and that work is an expression of who you really are.  Larrie's own perfect work fits perfectly with her personality and incorporates her skills, knowledge, values and interests too.  Her life work is inspiring, empowering and motivating others to follow their bliss.

Larrie inspires and empowers individuals to discover their perfect work and life through individual coaching and workshops.  She also works within businesses and organisations of varying sizes conducting workplace coaching and facilitating workshops.

Joseph Campbell, Mythologist said:

“You begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss and they open the doors to you.  I say follow your bliss and don’t be afraid and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Being happy and successful in life and work, is what "Follow Your Bliss" is all about. 







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